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"You've reached Donna Noble, of the Chiswick Nobles. Topping day! Spiffing!"

[Yes, she's funny.]

"I'm out. Probably running around. Maybe for my life. Leave a message and I'll get back to you."
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Player Information
Name: Nina
Age: 33
Contact: AIM: femb0tt1983 | Plurk: fulmina
Characters already in Medietas: Emily Prentiss (Criminal Minds) & Gendry (ASOIAF) & Claire Fraser (Outlander) & Padmé Amidala (Star Wars)
Reserve Link: http://medietas-mods.dreamwidth.org/1679.html?thread=853391#cmt853391

Character Basics
Character name: Donna Noble
Character Journal: butforonemoment
Canon: Doctor Who
Canon Point: S4 Journey's End - after the TARDIS gets sent to be destroyed, but before she bursts back out of it.
Age: 30's
Icon: http://v.dreamwidth.org/10111677/2019485

Canon Character Information
Appearance: Donna Noble stands around 5'7" tall, has red hair and has hazel eyes. Her skin is fair and while she isn't exactly skinny, she is fairly busty and pretty fit. One needs to be fit when traveling with the doctor since they do tend to do a lot of running. Her hair goes past her shoulders and has a slight layering to it. It has a bit of a natural wave in it and she also has bangs. They either hang down right over her face or are brushed to the side. Attire wise, Donna packs for all occasions. She can be seen in jeans, a long shirt and a coat, in a dress suit, or even in a smashing dress for tea time with Agatha Christie. She likes celebrities and magazines, so she's often well dressed in a trendy manner.

History: http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/Donna_Noble

Personality: Loud. Brash. Mouthy.

Donna has a sharp tongue and a quick temper, something that she will not hold back, no matter the circumstances. Her mind can become focused and set on one path, such as wanting only to get back to her wedding, and will ignore all the other strange things that had been happening around her. She is a bit clueless at times, as she will be immersed in her own little world, and not actually notice the greater world around her. As people often state about her, especially her mother, she is nothing special, and Donna believes this. Small, insignificant, she is nothing but a human, which is nothing of note. Her mother, as well, often reminds her of these things, for she should have done more with her life than she has.

I'm a pencil inside a mug? Donna is not a genius, or a doctor or has a fancy degree in anything. She was a temp. for H.C. Clements, but had temped around as a secretary at other places. She can, at times, miss the world going on around her, missing the "bigger picture" as some are wont to point out. She was drunk for one alien invasion and scuba diving for another. She is an average human with average intelligence. She enjoys such things as celebrity gossip, and although she tries to help out, she usually does not have a clue about what exactly she should be doing. As she states, ‘I can't even mend a fuse’. Sometimes her suggestions are downright stupid, such as suggesting that there are dinosaurs in the middle of the Earth, but she feels the need to at least attempt to help.

Donna can leap to conclusions and shout rather nicely. In a way, she is quite lively, even going so far as slapping the Doctor several times after meeting him. Although she knows she is not brainy, she does not like being looked down upon for that fact. In a way, she has her own intelligence that comes through years of being a temp. When everyone was looking for clues, Donna looked at the books and noted that the employees had not taken a single sick day. It is the small things that others would fail to note that she sees. In that regard, she is not above tackling the Doctor and telling him when he is wrong. She is insightful, for all her flakiness, and is also compassionate. Although she tends to scream and yell, she can be quite level headed at times, caring about people who she has not even known for that long. Her ability is to connect with people and comfort them, striving to help them, if even in a small way.

She is confident in her own way, but also human, crying and breaking down when the world becomes too much, but at the same time, she does not come across as being weak when she does that. Yet, she is able to move beyond that. Donna is not above making her point known, even if it clashes with the viewpoints of others. She will challenge people and their ways if she believes that they go against her own. She seems to be a walking talking drama creating machine, but there is also more to her. She can be practical; packing for all sorts of weather, but at the same time, very impractical. Her bossy nature allows her to get things her way, and her shouting can be very loud and annoying, but she is a generous person, believing in mercy, for if you can help at least one person, you should. Even in the face of danger, she will still mouth off at whomever is attempting to harm her and she is easily amused, asking lots of questions.

Powers/Abilities/Talents: When it comes to supernatural abilities or powers, Donna has none, and she tends to work as a temp at various jobs. That doesn't mean that she isn't intelligent though, but it is just in her own way. She does know a lot of random (and partially useless) information about celebrities and she also learned the Dewey Decimal System in two days. She was able to track the Doctor back down, and notices small things that other people might pick up on. She noticed that none of the employees had taken a single sick day and also that the bees were missing, which did prove to be a valid point.

AU/CR AU Addendum: n/a

What 4 items would you like your character to have with them on the island during their stay?
1. Gramp's telescope
2. her suitcases with her clothes plus her Pompeii dress and flapper dress (including a hat box!)
3. pencil in a cup
4. A Noddy toy, (that will move around once a month or so on it's own overnight? 8D)

First Person: You have got to be kidding me…

[There is that British accent, spoken by a red-head, with quite a loud voice. Indeed, the loudness of her voice may well be the first thing that anyone notices. For those that can get beyond it, judging by the scenery around her she is just past the docks, where she has just arrived.]

Oi. OI!

[Does she have your attention yet? Because she seriously could go on all day.]

What the hell is going on? I can tell you one thing though. You. Lot. Are. Bonkers.

[Because as much as she has seen with the Doctor, this is ridiculous.]

Thanks for nothing, you- whatever the hell is going on here! And obviously you've made some mistake, since I'm telling you right now that it's not me that you want! Hello. Temp from Chiswick and can't say we're usually in high demand. Considering I was in the middle of something I would like to return to, you can just bring me back to Earth! Well. Not exactly Earth. Back to where I was, anyway. Chop chop and tally ho. I don't have all day!

Third Person: http://ten-fwd.dreamwidth.org/249197.html#comments or;

The day had started off normal enough, if you consider flying through the universe in a police box and seeing alien species with Mr. Space Man normal. She’d once declined his offer, for her life had been mess enough as it was. Never mind the fact that her husband to be had just been using her and had ended up as lunch to some alien spider’s babies, but then she had had to watch the whole species of them die. Monsters or not, she had not liked what she had seen in the Doctor in that moment.

A nice normal life.

She had striven for that in the aftermath, now knowing that she should pay more attention to the world around her, but with that, came the desire to travel again. Somehow, home just seemed all that much smaller, and even traveling on Earth had lost its appeal, considering she had seen the bloody thing made. Yet, no matter how much she wanted normal, normal just was not suited out for her. Funny how once you opened your eyes, the world seemed to shift. Things she had never noticed before, trends and conspiracies all came with a new light.

Plus, the bees were disappearing.


“Can’t you work any faster?” her voice boomed, facing away from her travel companion. If there was one thing you could say about Donna, it was that she was good at being loud. Other beings might think to overlook humans, that they weren't as smart as them, or as advanced, but Donna would happily knock them from their pedestal and show them just what a human could do. A series of noises from behind her and a muffled response came from behind her, making Donna give a long sigh. “Just bash it around! We used to do that to the telly all the time when the signal got lost. Worked like magic.”

Any response was cut off as movement made Donna start, striking into a defensive position, holding her weapon above her head. She wasn't a fighter. She wasn't trained in anything, well, anything that would be useful in this moment. Sure she could type a hundred words a minute, but somehow Donna didn't think that the being she now faced would be impressed with that. Clearly she would need to show him that she wasn't some snack.

“Don’t you think of coming any closer you- you thing!” She had a wrench, and she wasn’t afraid to use it. Brandishing it like a hammer, she swung it back and forth in front of the monster, for despite whatever name the Doctor had called it, monster suited it just fine for the time being. She wasn't a violent person by nature, unless you counted the fact she bit or had a temper, but it didn't mean she would go on rampages like King Kong. Of course, she could likely roar as loud as that ape and show it a thing or two.

It was hardly any wonder the creature still moved forward, one long arm striking out toward her. She didn't look like much anyway, and she didn't believe she was. Just some human. Nothing special with her at all. “Oi! Don’t be getting frisky with me, you bloody alien! Don’t think I don’t know how to use this wrench!”



“Chisel. Chisel, Donna. Chisel.”

“Oi. Well it can be a bleeping stick for all I care. I’m still going to smack it one. I ain’t lunch for anybody, thank you, and don’t think I’m letting him have his way with me just because he’s bigger!”

Yes, some days could be hard, could be difficult. They tested her but in the end, they made her not only stronger but a better person. To think that she had once never seen the world like she was now. Her head had been stuck in the sand, or rather underwater, not even realizing the wonders and the horrors that not only the Earth held, but the universe. Even if they were dangerous like they were now, Donna wouldn't exchange it for anything in the world.

Finally, out of the 4 words, pick one: Chimes, lake, gravel, or sun? Chimes


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